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Legislative Priorities

The Iowa Biotechnology Association (IowaBio), a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association, was founded in 1994 to unify Iowa's bioscience industry, academic research institutions and economic development organizations. We represent more than 100 members spanning our state, invested in Iowa and in the biotech industry.

Biotechnology is an important pillar in the Iowa economy and our diverse membership makes a major impact in the state of Iowa and around the world. IowaBio seeks to elevate, support, advocate for, and connect Iowa's diverse biotechnology member companies, agricultural and life sciences ecosystem, and STEM talent pipeline. The following 2024 Legislative Priorities reflect these aims:


& Tax

IowaBio’s diverse members, from startups to international industry leaders, positively impact the Iowa economy and provide high-paying jobs to Iowa workers. To continue to provide a business climate where companies in these fast-growing industries can thrive, IowaBio members overwhelmingly support tax policy that is competitive, growth-oriented, simple/straightforward, permanent, predictable, certain, fair, and responsible. IowaBio supports targeted economic development programs that support Iowa’s specialized bioscience economy and draw investment into Iowa’s growing companies.

  • IowaBio will take a lead role in coalition and advocacy efforts to advocate for bioscience-related tax credits and economic development programs such as the research activities tax credit, the renewable biochemical tax credit, and angel investor tax credits.
  • IowaBio supports the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program and biofuels tax credits.
  • IowaBio will support funding resources to enhance the State’s biotech ecosystem.


& Patient

IowaBio member companies are some of the top innovators in the pharmaceutical development space. They provide invaluable impact on patient health and quality of life, and also provide critical animal health innovations to protect and enhance our food supply. Ensuring the treatments and innovations in these industries are affordable and accessible, and that the regulatory environment supports and encourages such innovation is as important as the innovation itself.

Patient Access and Affordability:

  • IowaBio supports patient access and affordability legislation to ensure all amounts paid on behalf of a patient count towards their out-of-pocket costs, including co-pay accumulator prohibition legislation, and closing the essential health benefits loophole, so that payers and PBMs cannot circumvent the Affordable Care Act by deeming a medicine non-essential.
  • IowaBio will closely monitor and evaluate any anticipated legislation or regulations regarding the federal 340B Program, drug pricing and transparency.
  • IowaBio supports biomarker legislation to enable patient access to tailored treatment.
  • IowaBio supports rare disease advisory council and non-medical switching/continuity of care legislation.

Public Health and Vaccines:

  • IowaBio supports strong, science-backed immunization policies and opposes additional exceptions to Iowa’s law requiring childhood vaccinations. IowaBio will strive to be a resource to the legislature and other stakeholders on Industry’s efforts to research and develop innovative vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable diseases, including vaccine dissemination, effectiveness, and safety.

Animal Health:

  • IowaBio supports the development of cutting-edge animal vaccines and opposes efforts to hinder development or ban access to these critical agricultural tools.


Production and Consumer Access

IowaBio supports Iowa renewable fuel production, including ethanol, biodiesel/renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuels, and supports ensuring these fuels can be efficiently manufactured, and accessed by consumers—positioning Iowa to continue to lead in this important industry.

  • IowaBio supports recommendations of the 2022 Iowa Carbon Sequestration Taskforce Report that will grow Iowa’s bio-economy, provide value to agriculture and biofuels producers, and benefit Iowa’s environment.


& Workforce

IowaBio’s member companies care deeply about a robust talent pipeline and a strong workforce in STEM fields. One of IowaBio’s core purposes since its formation has been to foster Iowa’s vibrant, diverse talent pipeline. Through our support of STEM education, and our Future Biotech Leaders Fund, IowaBio creates meaningful partnerships in order to support students, teachers, schools, colleges, and universities through scholarships, stipends, programming and competitions that encourage and enrich STEM education.

  • IowaBio supports legislation that funds and enhances STEM workforce attraction, training, and retention programs including STEM internships, STEM Best, Future Ready Iowa, and Empower Rural Iowa.